Are You a Good Fit?

You can eliminate impossibilities at Splendido

Working at Splendido is a great opportunity, but it isn't for everyone. We are a great fit for those who share our philosophy of providing good customer service. We are in the business of caring for people, so to be a good fit, you need to be committed to and passionate about helping people age well.

Nothing is impossible at Splendido! We have a culture of eliminating impossibilites called EMI, which stands for Eliminating My Impossibilities. We want to help our employees conquer any possible stumbling blocks they may have, because if we can help them eliminate or reduce those obstacles, then in return they can eliminate impossibilities for our residents. Our motto is not can we do it? but how can we do it? At Splendido, the answer is always "YES".

Our employees love their jobs because of the ambiance and the environment in which they get to work. Employees admire the residents and the residents admire the employees--it is a place where everyone is always helping and supporting each other. We promise you will love your job, but only if you are a caring person who can honor our core values.

Core Values

  • Lifelong engagement
  • Excellence
  • Relationships based on respect
  • Transformation